Curriculum vitae (en)

Current Employment

Specialist in Internal Medicine, sworn and certified court expert, approved medical practitioner for radiation protection, official expert for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and for the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Professional Experience


General school-leaving examination qualifying for university entrance at the Academic Secondary School (Akademisches Gymnasium), Vienna

1968 – 1974

Medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna


Resident at the First Anatomical Institute, University of Vienna

1974 – 1982

Resident at the First Medical Department, specialist training in internal medicine (subspecialities: cardiology, gastroenterology) and clinical pharmacology


Specialist in Internal Medicine


Resident at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology

1984 – 1985

Consultant at the Department of Medicine I


University teaching degree (venia docendi) as senior lecturer at the University of Vienna

1985 – 1990

Austrian Social Insurance Authority for Business (SVA der gewerblichen Wirtschaft), 1050 Vienna

Medical Director, area of focus: test person evaluation in assessment procedures, other evaluative duties as Medical Director, Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger)

1991 – 2002

Kwizda-Pharma, 1010 Vienna
Head of the Medical-Scientific Department

Area of focus: management of research funds, development of registration documents, evaluation of new active agents


Associate Professorship, appointed by the Austrian Federal President


Appointed expert at the European Union and for the Belgian region of Wallonia

since 2002

Official expert for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and for the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety concerning marketing authorisation procedures for medicinal products

since 1985

Practicing Specialist for Internal Medicine, sworn and certified court expert, office in 1050 Vienna, Franzensgasse 22

Medical University of Vienna

Regular lectures since 1985. 1990-2000 Member of the board of examiners for internal medicine at the Second Medical Department (Cardiology), University of Vienna


2001 Silver Medal of Merit of the Province of Vienna

Personal Data

Married to dentist Dr.Gabriele Rameis-Wiedemann, two adult children.

Around 150 scientific papers including: 70 original works, 20 book contributions, 30 review articles and numerous abstracts of presentations and speeches.

Subjects of scientific interest: cardiology, gastroenterology, clinical pharmacology.

Member of numerous scientific associations and societies.